Monday, 27 November 2006


Yes helllo ppl welcome to my blog.Unfortunately it aint as interesting as neo's but i'll try just don't expect to much nways luka everyone

Time to sleep

Anyways ppl my first day of posting done what i will do now tho is try updating this thing as much as possible right now listening to shit music on bro's cpu he loves his rap n rnb what hapen to the rave and rock of my generation? Yeah all these lighties cardboard gangsta's now oh well shit hapens lol later

European Footballer of the year

Yes Ppl thats ryt Cannavaro Is the european player of the year its been more then three years since an italian won it (the last was baggio) Hehe so all you azzuri fans out there congrats. Unfortunately i am not to thrilled as i am a german fan however i will give the man credit(as he did knock us out of the world cup)