Thursday, 12 July 2007

Its been way too long

Yes hello all you peons, Denizens of the night, Fairies and general people og blog land. I hath returned from my jet setting across the country (well at least to dubs)! I have been busy busy busy conncocting a story for you lovely people as well as just being to lazy to blog. I blame the dstv. Yes and my holiday has been officially ruined with news that i will have to study!So what have i been up to hey? Well in my journeys and wanderings as a bard (a lonely pursuit indeed a story for another time) i have met the lone writer, Got my ass kicked by MJ in a night of games and realised that i'm gone too old for gunston (vodacom beach africa to you youngsters).All that and more! But i digress! What is the point of this post besides a general run down of hat i've done recently?Honestly i don't know its late and i had to post something and this is the half assed attempt i came up with. I've just completed my end of the triple way post thats coming your way soon by mj an the K man and myself! So i tired and irritable (it was a long post) now i just need to wait for those two bums to finish and we can post and thrill you good people of blog once more!Nways ppl im tired a i wish i could ramble more but i'm gonne colapse on this keyboard!

P.S. Heroes ROCK
P.P.S. MJ i will beat you at some video game someday that thrashing was not fair!Altho you gotta admit twas not bad for a person who just picked up the xbox!

Peace out

Song for the moment: Creed- Stand here with me

On the way too Durban...

We saw...
Give our regards too Bala and Peru dude!Indians i tell