Wednesday, 20 June 2007


There's a song by staind which has very simple yet serious important words in it. I can't remenber the title but i remember the words in a faded sort of way: Respect for your FAMILY, Respect for your FRIENDS, Respect EVERYONE, Respect is EVERYTHING.

They have never been more right, respect is everything, yet its something that is sorely lacking today!Many problems stem from the simple fact that people lack respect for others and that they don't treat people with the correct manner and in the right way.

Respect for your family- without it and without them your nothing. Yet spoilt brats everyday challenge there parents and bring them to their knees on a regular basis. Leave alone the spoilt brats even the older kids do it. Backchat their parents and trouble them to a point where they can't take it anymore. It comes down to the fact that they have an attitude and no respect. If they did they would do such things!Parents need to be accorded a certain amount of respect by almost any standard.

It comes down to attitude and how you treat other people.Just because you have a strong opinion on someone it does'nt mean that you must tell it to them to there faces if you don't know them! Always remember the old addage if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Much less if you hardly know the person! Keep those thoughts to yourself. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, true enough, however that does not mean you impose it on them!

With respect it means respect for everyone not only friends and family but those people you don't know as well. It means treating them with respect everywhere and in all situations. With that comes manners and decorum. You have no right to treat people the way you want just to get a laugh or two out. Think if the situations where reversed then what? Would you feel so comfortable if people insulted your family and friends based on the colour of your skin or your religion loudly while in your presence? I don't think so

Human beings make me sick. The way some people can degrade and debase females is appauling to say the least!That's someone's sister or daughter or wife or mother your speking about what if it where your sister or mother then what?

There are just ways off doing things and ways of treating people its just common good sense and it stems from respect. With out your nothing and don't say screw the world sometimes you got to give a shit and do things the right way.If not out of respect for others out of respect for your religion for it says in islam that we should treat those around us with respect and courteousy and if you cant respect a command of god then who can you respeect?Ask yourself that.


queen_Lestat said...

"Human beings make me sick."

Can't I turn you into a vampire too?


Nice one, very applicable and salient points.

mazozo said...


Lestat hmm sometimes i wonder hey maybe you can lol wats the advantages?

Waseem said...

Im always in the belief that respect is earned, excluding some people who should be respected no matter what i.e. parents, teachers.
Maz, dont fall into QLs trap she promises it will be all fun and blood drinking but living forever isnt all its cracked up to be. You always have the same hairstyle and look the same, and cant go to the beach

Zahira said...

bwahahaha vamps unite....
anyway respect hmmm the issue here is do we respect those we should and those who earn it or respect all humans and creatures and so on because we SHOULD?!?!?!?!
hmmmm are they not all a trust unto us???
o wel respect ma boi respect

Dew said...

very nice

I HATE rude people

Person1 said...



mazozo said...

LOL hmm waseem makes a good point about the beach thing lol comom queen give advantages lol

We shid always be the bigger person and treat ppl with respect however certain ppl dont get respect wen they dont treat you with respect!

No person the article was not aimed at you it was aimed atevryone in general although you should also read it carefully

queen_Lestat said...

well you get to see the night as never before. you'll live forever and so have enough time to read all the books you'll ever want to and play all the games. and besides, what's there not to love about blood:)

r said...

respect those who respect you

mazozo said...

LOL im more of a lupin guy actually queen bu thanks for the offer