Thursday, 12 July 2007

Its been way too long

Yes hello all you peons, Denizens of the night, Fairies and general people og blog land. I hath returned from my jet setting across the country (well at least to dubs)! I have been busy busy busy conncocting a story for you lovely people as well as just being to lazy to blog. I blame the dstv. Yes and my holiday has been officially ruined with news that i will have to study!So what have i been up to hey? Well in my journeys and wanderings as a bard (a lonely pursuit indeed a story for another time) i have met the lone writer, Got my ass kicked by MJ in a night of games and realised that i'm gone too old for gunston (vodacom beach africa to you youngsters).All that and more! But i digress! What is the point of this post besides a general run down of hat i've done recently?Honestly i don't know its late and i had to post something and this is the half assed attempt i came up with. I've just completed my end of the triple way post thats coming your way soon by mj an the K man and myself! So i tired and irritable (it was a long post) now i just need to wait for those two bums to finish and we can post and thrill you good people of blog once more!Nways ppl im tired a i wish i could ramble more but i'm gonne colapse on this keyboard!

P.S. Heroes ROCK
P.P.S. MJ i will beat you at some video game someday that thrashing was not fair!Altho you gotta admit twas not bad for a person who just picked up the xbox!

Peace out

Song for the moment: Creed- Stand here with me


M Junaid said...

mazozo quivers in the glory of mj's superior gaming skills
mj - what an awesome modest guy!

queen_Lestat said...

"...and realised that i'm gone too old for gunston (vodacom beach africa to you youngsters)"

Said the 19 year old?

Someone whack him with the irony?


mazozo said...

Irony? What Irony? Grin

Superior gaming skills huh one day one day mj vengance will be mine

!Joe! said...

ooh, mazozo, i just saw your 9 boy pic :D grr, gunston is so 90s it's the vodacom beach africa festival...don't worry, mj has to beat you for academic purposes:)

qdee said...

ouch. 9, there's always something in durbs to make you cringe at the fact that you're indian ;)
gawd...vodacom beach africa is teeming with 12year olds, i feel ancient there :(

t.a.z. said...

he blogged! :O

r said...

the boy is now officially 20.