Monday, 24 September 2007

Are'nt they Beautiful

Finally! It’s here. Mazozo and MJ present the top ten gaming gals of all time! Yes it was conceptualised ages ago (by yours truly) but due to certain people (names shan’t be named) the article is way over due but flip it. Here is how it works, we collectively picked a list of gals then we decided to give them our own order rank (mostly cause we couldn’t agree on who goes where), so with out further delay here it goes:

Ten: Princess Pea
ch- "Dear Mario i've baked you a cake..." Those words are burned immortal into my memory. Peach was, and is always cute and a constant damsel in distress. Who could resist? We had to save her in the orginal Mario brothers! For sheer cuteness she goes down as ten.

Nine: Cammy- Remember a game called Street Fighter? This was the orginal hot beat em up chick
appearing from SF2 onwards i always picked her for her looks rather then ability.The pic here is an anime one, bit exaggerated but you'll get the idea!

Eight:Rayne-She featured in a game called blood reign. Not a brilliant game per se but try this.
To recharge her power she used to jump on a victim, wrap both her legs around him, and while biting him on the neck, moan, loudly, for long. Very hot, she deserves a place just for that.

Seven:Lara Coft- What list of hot gaming gals would be complete without her huh?The orginal geek boy pin up Tomb Raider had fan boys salavating from day one.Eventually they created a skin so she would be naked as you played the game with her.The twin cannons get her into 7, she's aged a bit and there has not been a tomb raider game in ages.

Six:Rachel-Ok technically she was not a playable character but in Need for Speed Underground i waited with baited breathe for the cut scenes invloving her. She's hot and the only reason she's not higher is the fact i couldn't play with her...

Five:Eva-Another non playable character, the chick saves Snake's life in Metal Gear Solid 3. Definately tough in my books is this one. She was pretty too!A perfect 5 just not nasty enough to make it higher.

Four:Kasumi- Hailing from the DOA series there is just one thing i remember when i first played Dead or Alive with Kasumi "Damn look at those bounce" Yes people they bounce alot as you fight with her.Its been like that from the 1st DOA right till the latest!Not to mention the movie of her in a steam bath LOL.Just for the bounce she makes it into 4. oh and she got good moves to boot.

Three:Rinoa- She's beautiful,1 of my favourites ever.FF8 was worth it just to see Rinoa dance in the fmv with Squall at the Seed Graduation.I love her.The love story of FF8 made it worth it, too bad Squall ends up with Rinoa...Sigh

Two:Sophitia- A hot gal with a short sword and small shield dressed as a greek goddess, what more can you ask for?The Soul Calibre series of games always rocked in my humble opinion it was the best series of fighting games ever, mostly because you fought with weapons. Sophia was one of the staple characters of the game from Soul Edge and though i prefered to use Killik(i'll beat anyone with him) and Rock during game time. I used to love looking at Sophitia. A very close 2.

One:Kaileena- The main evil character in Prince of Persia: Darkness within. The Cut scenes were wow. She was a babe. A really, really hot babe. i'll let the picture speak for itself. I cringed as a killed her with the prince :-(


Dew said...

Now does the title refer to the girls or their, ahem assets?

Hm, I have only played one girl here and her coughboobscough didn't move! I feel cheated.

The anime left me looking in gross fascination - thats awful stuff man.

Whch one is Rinoa from? Looks like a non fighting game that I'll like.

I really want to try PoP, but I don't like fighting so much, unless its like such cool fighting its exciting to watch.

Dragan said...

give me a break, this just proves what a great big cock stroker you really are. is this what rejection and drugs lead to? i've seen snail shit with more purpose. now kicker that.

mazozo said...

Hmmm dew i didn find the pics can thank mj for that.I was also bit sceptical bout the cammy but i couldn find a really good picture so i stuck wit it. Rinoa is from final fantasy 8 its an rpg there is a little bit of fightin but its generally a nice game its old though but i highly recommend it. Ah its dragan!U have decided to visit my humble blog.Ur right this post had no purpose it was just a bit of fun.Ur criticism is noted though.I shall just continue to blog as i do and your more then welcome to either tear my piece to shreds or to nod with approval.Later man ;)

Dew said...

That image fascinates me everytime I visit here - (oooh..nightmares)

How is Final fantasy actually? been meaning to play it but didn't know if it was good. remember i don't like fighting games. Took out my Tombraider legends in honour of your post. Lovely graphics but too easy man, and this from me - the girl who trys to peer around the corners of the screen while the sound is mute so she don't get a shock.

mazozo said...

Lol as anime pics go this one is not so bad,trust me i've seen worse.Altho slightly garish i've grown attached to it!Nways final fantasy is an rpg not a fightin game per say.As such it requires patience.There is fighting,that provides the action, but not your beat em style action.Instead its turn based and uses a system of stats to determine the outcome note ff 8 was different in that it used a timed version of battling instead of your run of the mill your turn my turn system.Instead the faster your meter filled up the quicker u got to do an action.Hmmm i think u will like final fantasy really most of squares games are epics.Go for it dew it requires patience but once u get stuck in the story is rewarding and very well executed (but by no means over original ito rpgs)plus it leaves you with a smile at the end.And it left me with tears as, eyes on me(title track in ff8),played at the credits screen.But i warn you u must have patience for final fantasy it takes a bit of gettins into dont expect instant action