Friday, 28 September 2007

Bardly Wonderings-Poetic Musing

More poetic stuff i wrote, this was a while back but it needs to be published eventually! If you sick of it look away now...oh and yes its mindless Dragan so hence i dedicate it to you ;-)

Together we stand, Divided we fall.

Now we're alone and we shall see how we fare
everything seems difficult and a dare.
Today is the day, the first day of dark and dull and dispair.

What once began must now end again.

The ode to the sad side of this life has begun and ended the ode to joy.

I lost it all, all through my own doing.
No tears to run rampant rapidly flowing.

Even though towards the end it was nought but battle
i still miss that burning desire and steady mettle.

Now that your really gone my eyes that were once closed are now truly open.
How i wish i could turn it all back and never set this in motion

But wishes are but empty reflections in a clear pool
Which, when we reach out to take hold realise are nothing but fool.

I have chosen my path to tread.
So must i march on without dread

1 comment:

The Organ Harvester said...

mistakes are there for some reason. as soon as i know why i do it, i'll let you know. dont be too harsh on yourself we live, learn and grow. the important thing is that you know what you did instead of ignoring it. good on you.