Thursday, 03 January 2008


Hello one and all, yes this to those who still read this desolate blog. It has been ages since i last had any decent worthwhile thoughts and time to post them up. This time is no exception. So i have sups to study for and blogging is a good way to procrastinate.

With so many friends getting married soon the question has begun to play on yours truly. I have always firmly believed that untill you reach 22-24 you should not get married. However with many friends proposed, engaged, married or heading in a similar direction all at the tender age of 20 or so i am beginning to wander if they know something which i don't. This bugs me immensely. I mean why so young?What is the driving reason behind a decision to commit yourself at such a young age?Are we eveb ready for such a life long commitment. Why the high divorce rate among muslim couples whom have married young? Don't the facts point to a conclusion which is contrary to that of the one my many friends have reached?All puzzling questions indeed.

Anyways long as they getting married least i get to Kit up :-). Which i am not complaining about.

Till we meet again
Take care


The Organ Harvester said...

true that, marriage for some people is like the latest phone or flipping ipod, a must have novelty that soon loses appeal once reality sets in. i think most people dont give it the earnest consideration it deserves. high divorce rate is just an example of how fragile the psyche is and how pathetic some people are when they take so serious an institution so lightly. good luck on the sups.

bb_aisha said...

Long time-try forever:-p welcome back. How old are you? I agree-girls should get married at min 21 & guys 24. People married younger before but they lived shorter lives too. But we should always look at Islam naturally. If you can control one's nafs then wait. But if not...

There are exceptions who are mature enough to see marriage for what it is & not the natural next step in their relationship.

Good luck with exams

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M Junaid said...

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